Schweden auf dem absteigenden Ast?

[…] Now, to be clear, it is my opinion that modest immigration is healthy for society and beneficial for trade, cultural development and so forth. Protectionism as a concept is counter-productive, while free trade and the ability for skilled labor to go where they’re in demand is beneficial for everyone. […] It’s like someone having read that a cup of green tea per day is healthy, so they make it a policy to chug four gallons per day, every day. It’s a good thing overdone to the extreme until it becomes toxic. […]

  • I am not saying that all immigrants are criminals. rapists and jihadists. I am saying that a few are and this is due to irresponsible politicians and the biased media. In the end those immigrants who have worked hard and have integrated into society suffer due to the criminal immigrants giving them a bad name.
  • I am not saying that Swedes by and large are prejudiced / racist. I am saying that many Swedes who have no experience of multicultural areas / no go zones tend to be less prejudiced.
  • I am not saying that all journalists are hipsters, who vote for Miljöpartiet and live on Södermalm. I am stereotyping those journalists who fit this description. There are plenty of incredibly dedicated and hard-working journalists who are unbiased and do not fit the caricature I have drawn up above.
  • When attempting to answer a broad question in less than  600 words there will inevitably be a need to generalize. I do not have the time to interview each and every one of Swedens 9.6 million people.
  • This is my subjective opinion on the matter and you may be of a very different opinion.




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